If you’re searching for a reliable, affordable, and used car near Marietta, OH, you should consider buying a used Chevrolet at Pioneer Volkswagen of Parkersburg. We have various models in our pre-owned inventory, including trucks, minivans, sedans, and SUVs.


A used Chevrolet allows you to have a suitable vehicle with many features on a small budget. Purchasing a used model is economical, and at Pioneer Volkswagen of Parkersburg, we will offer you a used Chevy that will suit your needs. With our affordable financing options, you will pay fewer monthly installments on a used Chevy.


For buyers in Ripley, WV with an eye for low running costs, consider owning a used Chevrolet. Ranging from the low insurance costs to the reduced monthly payments, a used Chevy guarantees to save you money. Due to the high availability of spare parts, prices are pocket-friendly. You’ll therefore spend less on repairing a Chevy, unlike other car models.


Chevrolet has a reputation for manufacturing some of the most reliable car models in Parkersburg. Models such as The Silverado are some of the most durable trucks in the market that are long-lasting. Owning a used Chevrolet, therefore, assures you of minimal breakdowns even in rugged terrains in Marietta, OH.


New cars lose a considerable percentage of their value the minute they drive off from the showroom. Buying a used Chevrolet means it has already lost a significant chunk of its value. A certified used car assures you of less depreciation if you decide to trade-in or sell your used Chevy.

Our showroom in Parkersburg, WV holds various Chevrolet models such as Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Cruze, and Chevrolet Express. If you are looking for a performance vehicle, a Family minivan, or a low-consuming daily driver, visit our showroom. Contact us today to schedule a test drive.

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