If you want to keep your Volkswagen model running reliably and efficiently as you're cruising around Parkersburg, your best strategy is to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Routine maintenance keeps your Volkswagen vehicle ready for whatever lies ahead, from road trips to season changes.

Oil Changes 

Whether you're using your Volkswagen SUV for towing or you want to keep your Jetta fuel-efficient for your daily commute to Ripley, WV, keeping your engine oil fresh is imperative. As your oil ages, it accumulates abrasive materials like dust, metal filings, and any other microscopic debris it picks up as it moves through the engine. That mixture can ruin the oil's viscosity and abrade precision parts. Having your oil changed can even help lower your fuel costs by making the engine perform efficiently.

Brake Care

You'll be safer on the streets of Marietta, OH, with regular brake care. Your brake pads and rotors wear at a unique rate, so keep an ear out for any unusual squeals or squeaks as you're braking, as this will indicate it's time to schedule your next service appointment.

Tire Maintenance 

Regular rotations reduce tire wear and keep you from getting a flat or having a blowout. If your tire tread is wearing low, you could have less grip on the road. Our team will happily swap your tires for a new pair when you're in need.

Visit the Pioneer Volkswagen of Parkersburg Service Department

At Pioneer Volkswagen of Parkersburg, we've made it easy to get the services you need to maintain your Volkswagen vehicle. You can schedule any service you need online, choosing the day and time that best suits your schedule. Our technicians specialize in Volkswagen care and can advise you on the ideal service schedule for the way you use your vehicle.

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